About MBP

At MBP our weddings are where Old School meets New School. What does that Mean?? .. We have the talent and skill to make the beautiful classical wedding images that become family heirlooms and at the same time we also create the striking high fashion, dynamic, and fun poses that you all want and love as well... With this combination we create a wedding day experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

We always take two photographers and an assistant to your wedding day. Our Wedding Style enables us to capture the essence of your wedding day. Jason is the lead wedding photographer and has won numerous state and national awards.

We have the skill, experience, and love for wedding photography to handle that special day. MBP is professional is every way and will make sure your special day is handled with the dignity and decorum it deserves.

Our ultimate goal is for our work to tell a story that reminds you of those feelings you had at the wedding day for years to come, and envoke tangible reminders of the emotion you felt on your wedding day.

We are available for destination weddings.